Technology is eating the world and every industry is experiencing a digital transformation.

Aviture has the experts and experience to help you plan for the future and execute today.

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We believe lessons learned solving challenges for clients in one industry can be applied to clients in other industries. This cross-pollination of ideas and lessons learned creates a leapfrog effect for technology outcomes.

    Agriculture_Software Solutions Consulting


    There is an increasing need to scale and optimize food production from grain, meat, and dairy producers despite changes in climate and resources. Many of these producers have turned to technology to improve results by increasing visibility and data analysis through precision agriculture tools, business support applications, and IoT devices.   

    Aviture provided software solution consulting to help producers and producer cooperatives optimize their manual business processes and provide insights into their historical and real-time data for better decision support. 

    Financial Software Solutions


    The financial services industry's change to a more transparent industry over the past decade has lead to unique technology challenges in delivering customer service and access while protecting consumer data. 

    Aviture has worked with a variety of financial institutions providing technology strategy and software solution implementation to analyze risk and provide recommendations. Our experience in data analytic platform solutions is deep and our security expertise to ensure sensitive consumer data is protected is invaluable to financial organizations.


    Healthcare Software Services


    Rising healthcare costs have led to consumer and government-led initiatives to measure results and ensure provider payments are fair. For healthcare providers, technology innovations to improve patient care and reduce operational expenses are necessary to grow and maintain corporate revenue. 

    Aviture has been actively engaged with healthcare providers and technology companies to optimize patient/provider interactions and provide technical strategy for future application development within their organizations.


    “Aviture provided us with quality engineering talent who were able to implement scalable and flexible web applications for our cloud-based Ascendon platform.”

    Geoff Preston, VP, Application Development
    CSG International

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    Aviture government solutions


    For decades, military personnel used spreadsheets, video, and PowerPoint to plan and execute missions both domestically and abroad. With the introduction of Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) there is a greater need to collaborate in real-time with data coming from multiple sources at a higher velocity.  

    Aviture has been working with government agencies since 2004 to provide actionable insights from various data feeds and improve communication through technology strategy and software engineering consulting engagements.

    Image Credit: Phil Roeder ; Creative Commons License.




    The trucking and railroad industries have experienced a seismic shift toward driverless freight technology, improved fuel efficiency and delivery solutions for first-mile and last-mile transportation. The reason for these innovations is driven primarily by consumer buying trends, energy cost escalations and the globalization of goods production.

    Aviture responded to the needs of the industry and implemented decision support solution designed to improve operation center performance and reduce costs. This solution integrates data from multiple locations and provides a single pane of glass view for trucking and railroad clients to analyze data and make decisions quickly.


    Retail & Hospitality
    Restaurant Management Software Solution

    Retail & Hospitality

    Multi-unit restaurant operators need access to actionable data in real-time to manage inventory, reduce labor costs and improve their bottom line.

    Using predictive analytics and a user interface designed for an ever-changing labor force, Aviture delivered a software solution that reduces cost of goods sold for the average restaurant by 4%. 


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