Internet of Things

Put network-ready devices to work for your business with help from Aviture

The internet is no longer confined to our computers and phones. The ‘internet of things’ encompasses all products that are capable of connecting to the web. Aviture can help your company develop and deploy smart, internet-ready products that solve real-world problems, as well as harness existing devices for new and innovative uses with the potential to transform industries.

Here’s how we’ll help your organization embrace
the Art of the Possible


Connected Devices

Refrigerators, thermostats, doorbells, traffic signals: each of these products and more has been transformed by internet connectivity, and each iteration has the potential to further evolve the fabric of our daily lives. Ever wondered if your own business might benefit from utilization or even development of its own connected product? We’ll help you go from ideation to reality.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Engagement isn’t limited to the computer or smartphone screen. Innovative applications take the user experience into the real world, with applications and hardware that use comfortable products and expectation-aligning 3D displays to augment or even replace the user’s physical space.

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Voice Assistance (Alexa, Siri)

Your organization can benefit from the bedrock infrastructure powering modern voice assistant devices. Explore the possibilities of applications that lean on and harness these carefully calibrated products or develop your own voice-activation software and hardware to meet your unique needs.


With each new wearable hitting the market comes a marketplace of software with the potential to inspire. Your own business can benefit from apps highly targeted to the wearable market, and success might even lie within the creation of your own patented wearable device.


Accessibility Planning/Custom Device Software

Designing with accessibility in mind isn’t just a user experience best practice; it’s the law. We can help ensure your every product and application is built or modified with all users in mind, through intuitive design and customization options that make everyone feel welcome.

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Aviture is ready to provide the expertise you need to achieve success across multiple industries with the internet of things: