User Engagement

Aviture can help you use UI/UX to drive desired actions and outcomes

The best tech products have little to no learning curve for their users. Using best practices of modern software and hardware design, Aviture will help improve your user engagement by analyzing your current user experience and developing methods to intuitively direct your customers and internal users where they need to go. We’ll turn your current user interface inside out to help you create something so seamless and effective, your users won’t even realize how much expertise went into its design.

Here’s how we’ll help your organization embrace
the Art of the Possible

User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI)

Understanding how a visitor perceives your website or application is the first step in designing a product they’ll respond to in a positive light. Our UX/UI team will analyze your userbase to provide a seamless experience that intuitively leads them through ideal usage patterns.

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Applications get more use when there’s an element of gaming tied to them. Scorekeeping, badges, rewards, and gaming-related design influence positive engagement and drive stickiness of tech products.

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Workflow Optimization

Understanding how a person responds to your product, or where they fall off, can help you develop workflows that usher the user through a process that has a positive revenue and business impact.

Interactive Prototypes and Testing

In-depth beta testing, complete with workable prototypes tested by persons representing your target users, can inform your final product and ensure your release is as successful as it can be right out the gate.


Aviture is ready to provide the user engagement insights you need to achieve success across multiple industries: