Software consulting for commercial businesses and government enterprises

Unique experience drives industry expertise

Having worked with both government and commercial enterprises, we understand the distinct challenges within each sector. Our diverse background allows us to “cross-pollinate,” pulling from already explored analog problems and solutions that can shorten your timeline and perhaps offer innovation within your industry.

Consumer buying trends has led to a unique challenge in the freight industry: the globalization of goods and a need for proper supply chain management, optimal staging, lowest cost, and efficient fulfillment of supplies.

Integrative data solutions and technical strategy provide decision support, improve your operation center’s performance, and reduce costs. Gathering and interpreting data from disparate sources has never been easier. Neither has making the most strategic decision.

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The financial industry is rapidly evolving with a greater demand for automation and self-service that doesn’t compromise data security.

Data engineering, forecasting, and risk analysis ensure you and your customers have the right information at the right time to inform investment decisions or support underwriting. Integrated platform solutions and UX design make the experience seamless, secured, and intuitive.

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Siloed data and systems between health care specialists create disjointed patient care and mounting operational costs. Digital transformation, custom software solutions, and system integrations can unlock these silos providing better ways to access and integrate medical data. This reduces operational expense and improves the patient experience.

Technical strategy for future applications optimizes patient/provider interactions and removes the operational barriers that prevent you from helping the people who need it.

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Custom software solutions make strategic real-time planning possible, even with data coming from multiple sources at a high velocity. Improved communications through technology empowers the world’s strongest military to remain leaders in defense and strategy.

Situational awareness, command and control software, and planning tools – with attention to user experience and engagement – make critical decision systems intuitive and actionable.

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Retail operators need solutions for the unique challenges that accompany customer service, operations, and labor and goods management.

Decision support solutions offer tools for inventory management; analytics and prediction algorithms for labor, sales, and product usage; and customized reporting for all aspects of your business. Full integration with vendors, point of sale systems, and off-the-shelf hardware enable streamlined operations that improve your bottom line.

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In order to remain competitive, farmers and ranchers need to focus time and energy on the most profitable markets. Custom line-of-business applications that assist in planning and coordinating product sales can increase efficiency in your supply chain and allow you to scale with the ever-changing industry.

Improve your workflows and automate tasks so that you can focus on the work that matters and make sustainable impact for your business.

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When rapid innovation is focused on a shared vision and powered by disciplined, established processes, we can redefine what possible means. Explore the ways we’ve used Intelligence Speed and the Art of the Possible to transform organizations in both government and commercial industries.