Retail Software Consultants

Aviture is ready to help you streamline the employee and customer experience, with retail and hospitality software designed to fit your needs.

Customer service, operations, and labor and goods management require innovative software solutions that integrate with one another, enabling the sharing of data and streamlining the user experience to make things easy for guests and employees alike.

Aviture can assist your company in developing tools for organization-wide inventory management, analytics and predictive algorithms for labor, sales, and product usage, and customized reporting for all aspects of your business. Full integration with vendors, point of sale systems, and off-the-shelf hardware can enable streamlined operations that improve your bottom line.

Here’s just a partial list of some of the retail tech expertise we can bring to your project:

View some of our retail and hospitality work in the following Case Study

Revolutionizing restaurant data with Decision Logic

Decision Logic had long sought to provide a data-backed, systems-integrated solution to bridge the restaurant technology gap. But when it came time to scale the company, their leadership found themselves encountering friction they’d never before experienced. Aviture and Decision Logic worked together to scale their business and provide additional app functionality and support. Today, Decision Logic provides best-in-class software to restaurants around the nation.