Who We Are

Empowering you to take your moonshot

Building new technology is a trade, innovating with intent is an art form

At Aviture, we’re a mission-driven team of innovators mapping the journey to meaningful solutions. Our method is built on investigation and close communication. We partner with open-minded people eager to make a difference and transform their organization. We put ourselves in your shoes to feel your pain and discover what may be holding you back. Side by side, we work together to overcome it.

What it means to be Aviturian

We believe software doesn’t mean anything unless it solves a problem, so we create technology to enable users, open possibilities, and create meaningful impact.

Innovation built on intent and powered by collaboration can take us beyond any obstacle. By investing fully in your vision, we are able to create viable solutions and results previously unimagined. Discovering these possibilities is a ceaseless journey where we continually push beyond perceived boundaries.

Our Core Values

  1. Embody integrity
  2. Seek ownership
  3. Stay hungry
  4. Remain grounded
  5. Create impact
  6. Challenge with respect

Meet the team who will help you reach your moonshot

Our leadership team is dedicated to empowering fellow Aviturians and our client partners to dream big and explore the Art of the Possible — in work and in life. Meet the team who inspires our innovators.

Mark Main

Mark Griffis

President & CEO

Mark combines his knowledge of software development, the application of technology to solve problems, and taking products to market with a firm understanding of the impact that a system can have on the day-to-day lives of its users. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, he has started and funded several startups. Among his proudest accomplishments is launching the software startup incubator, The Garage, in 2014.

Jerry Main

Jerry Koske

Chief Strategy Officer

With over 30 years of experience in the software development field, Jerry Koske orchestrates strategic initiatives, fosters operational excellence, and catalyzes innovation to fuel the company’s growth and maintain its competitive advantage. Jerry’s deep industry knowledge and commitment to cultivating exceptional talent ensure that Aviture’s strategic planning is both visionary and aligned with our long-term business objectives, fortifying the company’s legacy of technology leadership.

Kathy Main

Katherine Underwood

Vice President & COO 

Since 2010, Kathy has planned, directed, and implemented activities related to field and internal operations, as well as designated projects. She is a results-oriented executive with over 40 years of operational experience in diverse contexts and a proven track record of solving complex business problems.

Brandon Main

Brandon Suponchick

Chief Technology Officer

Drawing from more than 15 years of software development experience in both the government and commercial sectors, Brandon directs the use of technologies, security implementation, and operational innovation across the company. He is committed to exploring technology’s potential, driving further innovation, and steering Aviture toward new horizons. Brandon is a champion of the technology leadership that Aviture embodies.

DJ Main

DJ Jahn

Director of Customer Experience

DJ leads Aviture’s User Experience and User Interface teams in identifying and capturing the “why” for Aviture customers and our customers’ customers. Leaning on ten years of design experience, DJ ensures we create solutions that have real impact for customers. A fan of practical jokes, he once gave a team member a raise, literally, by using a forklift to move his desk into an unreachable loft.

John Main

John Barber

Director of Solutions

John ensures Aviture’s development teams are connected with our customers in a holistic way, striving not only to deliver an incredible service, but to maximize the value of that delivery. As a cofounder of Decision Logic, an Aviture partner company, John quickly learned the value of feedback and connecting with customers to improve and innovate. An avid adventurer, John loves to travel and can often be seen skydiving or scuba-diving.

Koren Main

Koren Lane

Director of Program Management

With nearly 25 years of experience in Educational and Operational Leadership, Koren specializes in managing large technology projects across diverse industries like Casino Gaming, Fintech, Agtech, Healthcare, and Education. As our Director of Program Management, she helps establish lasting partnerships, understanding customer needs, and ensuring strategic collaboration for their solutions. She is passionate about life-long learning, and building strong professional connections with colleagues and customers.

Steve Main

Steve Miller

Director of Government Solutions

Steve has been in the Department of Defense technology space for 25 years. He has spent the past decade at Aviture helping to shepherd innovations from inception to military operational use. A software engineer and veteran of both the Active-Duty Air Force and the Army Reserve, Steve believes in building lasting partnerships through trust and delivery of exceptional software solutions.

John Seabaugh Headshot

John Seabaugh

Director of Commercial Sales

Based in Dallas, Texas, John has an impressive track record that spans over 25 years in the technology staffing and consulting space. His experience building world class development teams and taking a sincere interest in his client’s success has resulted in long lasting customer relationships. With a strong belief in pairing vision with innovation for meaningful impact, John is always ready to hop on a call to get your solution started!

We’re building the next generation incubator

Beyond an accelerator, founders need avenues to continue honing ideas and challenging assumptions as their product evolves.

We put our money where our mouth is and created The Garage, offering the space, the team, and the network to get them there.

Impacting the community

Aviture strives to be more than a member of the community. We’ve partnered with community organizations and taken an active role in supporting their cause.

From fundraisers for healthcare research to educational outreach programs, Aviture is committed to giving back to the community we love and call home.

Ready to uncover solutions that transform your organization?

It’s never too late to build a culture of innovation. First, let’s discuss your vision, then map the journey to get there.