System Integrations

Aviture can provide the infrastructure necessary to bring together disparate applications

Aviture is ready to help you knock down silos and ensure data always gets where you need it to be, regardless of business unit or technical obstacles. Whether that means merging systems to establish brand new applications, eliminating legacy systems in order to migrate data to modern software products, or developing new, custom solutions that can readily pull data from multiple sources, we can help you chart a course that brings ecosystem-wide integration to your entire enterprise.

Here’s how we’ll help your organization embrace
the Art of the Possible


API Integrations

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, are used to connect multiple applications to one another, enabling the exchange of data that produces brand new products and business insights for your company.

Single Sign-On Authentication

Having your logon credentials supported by the most up-to-date development and security standards doesn’t just protect your data and your customer’s data, it also speeds up business processes and eliminates friction in your products.


Enterprise Ecosystem

Deployment of an ecosystem that crosses your entire organization requires expertise and extensive research to avoid common and not-so-common headaches. Ensure enterprise functionality from the start of your project with our help.

Payment Processing

End-to-end encryption solutions developed with your specific business needs in mind can help you protect cardholder and account data, shielding your organization from harm and boosting your reputation.


Open Data Standards

Development using standardized, widely accessible protocols throughout your company will enable users from across business units and status levels to efficiently complete and evolve their work.

External System Integrations

When you’re reliant on data from a third-party vendor or an off-the-shelf solution that’s strict in how it operates and functions, an external integration can help you extract the right data and ensure processes remain streamlined and efficient.


Aviture is ready to provide the system integration you need to achieve success across multiple industries: