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Transition for a loved one from home to a senior living community can be a stressful and emotionally draining experience. Communication barriers can make residents feel isolated and abandoned, while family members are burdened with guilt.

LifeLoop was founded based on the need to better communicate and engage family members of senior living communities. The founders showed a sketch of an original idea to a senior living community executive to validate their concept, then took off running. Today, the startup offers a multi-faceted platform designed to streamline operations, work flow and communication with internal and external stakeholders of each community.

The platform provides an activity calendar, digital signage, resident tracking, a messaging platform, transportation management, maintenance request management, and picture sharing. Seniors feel closer to home while receiving more personalized care tailored to their habits and preferences, and family members have better access and transparency into the communities with whom they’ve entrusted their loved ones.

From inception to execution, Aviture helped bring LifeLoop into existence and could not be prouder to continue supporting them on their mission.

The challenge

Develop and launch an accessible and intuitive lifestyle engagement tool for senior living communities that supports three different user sets: seniors, families and community staff.

The solution

Co-locate and work closely with the founding team to develop the minimum viable product (MVP) and launch an idea quickly, then update with real-time feedback to provide a user-friendly system.

The outcome

Residents and their families feel a closer connection and communities are better able to care for residents by understanding their individual habits and needs.

The beauty of what Aviture did is give us a place to start and let us expand on our own. They helped launch our business and the product in a way we couldn’t have without their partnership.

Amy Johnson

LifeLoop CEO and co-FOUNDER

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The challenge

It was immediately evident that the co-founders of LifeLoop had a vital idea – the kind that made you say, “How come no one has done this before?”

The challenge facing LifeLoop was determining the best way to bring their idea to fruition. The founders had the vision, but no technical expertise to execute it. Additionally, this was the first company they had started. Not only were they facing the challenges of starting a tech company without prior entrepreneurial experience, they were launching a company that produced technology that did not yet exist.


The solution

In order to provide the resources and guidance necessary, Aviture incubated the project in The Garage, an arm of the company that helps web-based startups turn concepts into products. Through the Garage by Aviture, LifeLoop founders were able to take advantage of business and technology mentorship, an Aviture-provided development team that would build the MVP, and receive the initial investment and further venture capital needed to get their project off of the ground. With an ample amount of resources at their disposal, Aviture and the LifeLoop founders were able to tackle a myriad of challenges simultaneously, ensuring a fast and strategic launch to market.

Product development was a single-team effort between Aviture and LifeLoop throughout the engagement. The founders came into Aviture with a strong vision, some notebook sketches and a promise letter from a retirement community to sign on as a beta customer. The Aviture team helped LifeLoop take various product ideas and focus them into a feature set to create their MVP.

Within twelve weeks, the development team rolled out the beta version to be piloted by their first customer. Throughout the next year, Aviture continued to implement additional features and provided production support until LifeLoop was able to hire their own development staff. Aviture has continued to act in a consulting role for the startup ever since.

Co-locating with the LifeLoop founders was a vital part of the development process. The collaboration between Aviture’s development team and the founders went deeper than that of client and implementer with both teams working on-site at the Aviture headquarters. Beyond the developers assigned to their project, the founders had access to user experience designers, project managers and other professionals in the building who could add new perspectives to the LifeLoop product during its formation.

The outcome

Two years after the initial kickoff, LifeLoop outgrew the Aviture office space. The MVP had been developed and was being used in senior living communities across the Omaha metro. The founding team had both consistent revenue coming in and a team of employees to manage.

Running on the same framework developed by the Aviture team, the LifeLoop application has grown into a full lifestyle engagement tool for senior living communities. For the community staff, the activity scheduling, maintenance requests, and resident tracking features offer digital automation and reporting that makes their jobs easier and more efficient. LifeLoop also features a messaging application, which provides direct communication between staff, resident, and family around the clock, every day of the week. The platform increases the quality of care by bringing residents and their families closer together via activity tracking features that offer greater transparency into residents’ community life. This, in turn, provides comfort to residents’ families that their loved ones are receiving the level of care and support they expect. Overall, the application is able to help provide peace of mind for families, less paperwork for staff, and an easier way to engage and connect for residents.

The product is in the hands of users across the United States, and the founders continue to pursue their mission to great success. In 2016, they won the Steve Case Rise of the Rest startup pitch contest and Aviture was able to provide additional support through two rounds of fundraising resulting in the LifeLoop team securing institutional investors such as Nelnet. As of 2020, LifeLoop is used daily in senior living communities across 44 states and in 2019 alone, tracked over 17 million activities from users of their platform. The LifeLoop founders’ vision has been realized as residents of live-in facilities are connected to their families, no matter the time or distance. Aviture continues to provide strategic technology consulting to LifeLoop as they lead innovative software solutions in the Senior Living industry.

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